Genevieve Walker is a violinist and composer. From the age of five she studied classical violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto then went on to experiment with various styles ultimately finding her own unique expression. She draws from a deep reservoir of experience and inspiration collected from years of traveling the world and visiting international stages with Grammy-nominated artist Krishna Das and the Juno-nominated band Stars. 

Her debut solo album, Walking Home, is a work of art from the heart of a musician who has spent years bringing her "soulful, ethereal" harmonies and melodies onto dozens of recordings, spanning genres. 

Walking Home, produced by Chris Gartner, features Genevieve on violin, viola, guitar, and piano.  The recording is minimalistic yet creates a feeling of sonic lushness. It Incorporates everyday sounds from around the world into string laden compositions that are atmospheric and nostalgic, constructing a soundscape of global travel and a traveler’s silent companion, longing. 

Genevieve, a native to Toronto, is a mother, wife, and artist.  This year, she completed recording and mixing her album and brought her son into the world. She is dedicated to a life filled with music.